Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back To Life Back To Reality

So I see Six Shooter Fresh has decided it's game time and we need to get back on the Lambert Says wagon. I guess Lambert gt tired of his good name being wasted. I have been slacking. Yes me, Estacio Villa has not been acting to professionally so I apologize and will try to get back on my soap-box.

There are plenty of news items but I'm gonna take it slightly easy at first. We've got the Gulf oil leak. I call it a leak cause it isn't a spill, spills happen at the surface and the oil stays there, this is a deep problem that bubbles up from the bottom and gets caught in currents and keeps going. Drill baby Drill right? We need to find new ways of power in this country cause this oil dependance is going to kill us.
How can the Gulf recover from this? This is such an economically depressed area already and their 2 biggest industries are fishing and oil. They can't fish and now off-shore drilling is being questioned. How can they survive without these sources of cash flow? What is BP gonna do? Are they still gonna be profiting in the millions or billions at the end of the year while peoples lives are ruined? Stopping the leak has been the focus what about cleanup? What about the fact that the gulf coast has been being ruined for years cause of human interference? This is a huge issue.

What about this Wikileaks issue? I haven't even gathered much info about that so I can't say too much. It seems that the truth may be coming out, but I'm sure that those with the least facts on either side of the wars issues will pay no attention to the wikileaks anyway. People with extreme viewpoints don't appreciate real information they want propaganda. Keep your eyes on this story it's hot.

I know the sports page is Fresh's domain but the LeBron-a-thon extended past sports to news. He's kind of a big deal. Is this gonna change basketball? Will CP3 and Melo go to NYC to play with Amare next year? Does this show a bad example to the babies? Is it really that bad? Is there any validity in Big Mike's comments saying "In hindsight" he would have never done what they did. If that aint a monday morning quarterback statement I've never heard one. If I looked back at my legacy, 6 rings, statue and teammate who is also one of the 50 greatest in NBA history... Well after looking at all that yeah I wouldn't wanna change my past either.

Oh yeah and the gentle giant Manute Bol died.
R.I.P. Manute Bol. He was truly a great person who spent his time and money on trying to better his world and his home country. He was one of only 3 Sudanese born NBA players and he died because he was helping others. That's an athelete we should be able to use as a role model. Not cuase he was the best athelete but cause he was the best type of person, selfless.

What do EWE think?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

People are Dying

Last post I addressed the current fighting in this latest round of Palestinian and Israeli violence. I was trying my best to be diplomatic and understand the conflict from both sides. I still think that is a good way to approach any disagreement, especially one where people are dying and religion is involved. At this point though the level of Israeli pounding the Gazans are enduring is out of control. According to the UN's humanitarian agency Palestinian health officials say at least 683 Palestinians have been killed and more than 3,085 have been injured in the last 12 days.  2 Israeli soldiers have been killed in Gaza by Palestinians in the ground offensive (4 more from friendly fire), while 3 civilians and 1 soldier have died in Israel from Gaza rocket fire. I don't mean to say the pain and loss felt by the Israeli families who lose somebody is any easier, it's just that the numbers don't lie. I think most people would prefer to hear that one family member was killed than to find out they are the only member of their family left alive.

I understand that no free country would allow their neighbor to indiscriminately fire rockets or send suicide bombers onto buses without retaliation. I also understand no country would allow themselves to be imprisoned by their neighbors without striking back. The whole way the system works between Gaza and Israel shows without a doubt that Israel has the upper-hand. They control land crossings, water and air-space and have been starving the Gaza residents by letting in little more than humanitarian aid for the past 18 months. We're talking about 1.5 million people being denied electricity, clean water, basic medical supplies, food and most importantly they are denied any way to change that. 

Yeah sure you could say "all they have to do is stop the rockets" but the average Gaza resident has as much control over Hamas as an average Israeli citizen has over their government, or that we Americans have over our military. We can protest all we want without stopping anything over in Iraq.

Think for yourself here people. If you were forced to live under these conditions could you grow up without resenting Israel? I'm sure there are a good amount of Gaza residents who see how Hamas is sacrificing their lives to advance an extreme agenda, we know Hamas didn't win a unanimous victory when they last had elections. But Gaza seems to me to be the worlds largest prison. If they were in a crisis before this military show of force what is to come of them after? Those children who survive this now will only grow to hate Israel even more, they will figure out new ways to lash out, and Israel will crack down even harder. 

What is Israel to do? I don't know but I don't think the current plan is gonna work. The only way to permanently eliminate the threat of rockets or other attacks from Gaza is to obliterate it... That's what they call a genocide right? [Genocide: noun - The deliberate killing of a large number of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation.] The term that was coined to put a name to the crime the Nazi's perpetrated on the Jews. Well that leaves a bad taste in Israel's mouth no?

What do EWE Think?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Here We Go Again

Israel vs. Palestine

The Palestinian Radical Militant group Hamas has declared an end to it's 6 month cease fire with Israel in the Gaza Strip. Hamas issued a statement saying Israel had not "respected" the truce, while Israel said in it's own statement that militants "had chosen violence over truth". The truce, brokered by Egypt began June 19th. Rocket fire from Palestine and military operations and blockades from Israel were never completely halted.

Israel is in an election cycle and tough talks from politicians will do little to ease Palestinian fears of the bad times ahead. Hamas and other militant groups make no qualms when it comes to their intentions of fighting til the end. They still strive for martyrdom and destruction of Israel. Hamas was voted into power by the people. While the democratically elected Israeli government has wide support as well. It seems like the only ones who want a truly peaceful solution are outsiders and the voice-less victims on both sides. 

I try to understand what is going on with these two countries. I have taken a special interest in this particular conflict for years now. I don't claim to be an expert but I do pay attention. At different times I've felt different ways and I can't truly pick a side. Some things are clear to me though. 

I do feel Israel has the upper-hand in the situation. They receive support from the US both financial and technological. If Israel truly wanted to wipe the Palestinians off the map they have the ability and that trump card is a strong weapon. 

The Palestinian resistance does need a better plan. Firing rockets at Israeli population centers, or suicide bombings, or tractor attacks are dirty tactics. Many will argue that they have no choice but to fight the best they can, but they have to understand how little support these methods of attack garner from the international community.

It's hard to even start a piece like this, there are contradictions at every sentence. I know if I were a Palestinian I would want to strike out at Israel in any way I could. And if I were an Israeli I'd want to protect mine and my family's lives any way I could. It's been such a historically disputed area for soooooo long that religion is used as history. Judaism and Islam are both 100% right in their own eyes.

I think it is obvious for many people that this has less and less to do with any faith, ideology, or anything practical anymore. Basically this whole thing has turned into a power struggle driven by fear, anger and most of all revenge on both sides. 


Thursday, December 25, 2008

So This Thing Can Fly Right?

There have been a high number of non-fatal plane incidents this past week. All of them happened at take-off which is always my most nervous part of flying. For those of you who haven't heard let me re-cap.

Passengers were exposed to fumes from de-icing fluid in Seattle on Dec. 24th. The passengers were exposed to the irritating fumes for 45 minutes before they de-boarded the plane. 26 people were treated and 7 went to the hospital (all 5 crew members took the trip to the hospital, duh I know I woulda went too).

On Christmas eve in Chicago 2 American Airlines flights had emergencies. Flight 1544 an MD-80 on it's way to Reagan International Airport just outside of DC, carrying 54 passengers and 5 crew skidded off the runway when it hit an icy patch while taxi-ing. Part of the plane ended up on the grass and the passengers had to leave the plane via the staircase and be bussed back to the terminal for  another flight. No-one was hurt.

Later the same day, again at O'Hare airport and another American Airlines MD-80 had a scarier incident 3 minutes into the flight. This plane had 76 passengers heading to Saint Louis. About 15 miles south of the airport there was a loud bang. The plane tilted and shuddered and the pilot announced that the right engine had blown and they would turn around and make an emergency landing back at O'Hare. Again no-one was hurt.

Worst of all (pictured above) on Dec 20th a Continental Airlines jet in Denver Colorado veered off of the runway at take-off. This incident was probably the scariest to experience since it included an explosion with fireball, at least the feeling of the plane leaving the ground, a physically jolting crash, the plane cracking open, stampede towards emergency exits, falling luggage, and fire in the cabin! Somebody screamed the plane was going to explode since leaking fuel caught fire. 38 people were injured mostly suffering bruises and broken bones.  

I figure there will be some law-suits coming out of the real crash and maybe the de-icing incident. I wonder how that will play-out. If I was in a plane that literally crashed and caught fire and all, I doubt I'd be getting on another plane for a long time. Everyone involved in these incidents should be pretty thankful that they are ok. I have a flight next week and I will be pumping my headphones trying to distract myself when it comes time to taxi and take-off. If I don't make it to the other side tell the babies Estacio Villa was the most professional you'd ever known.

What do EWE think?

So how about this, not 24 hours after I post this another plane slides off a Chicago runway! This time at Midway Airport a Southwest Airlines Plane, carrying 98 people on their way to L.A. The plane became stuck in snow on the shoulder of the taxi-way on it's way to a runway for take-off. Passengers were bused to the terminal for another flight.

Now, What do EWE think?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You're Never Supposed to Go Full Retard

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich... yesterday morning most people in the world didn't know a thing about this imbecile. Blagojevich was arrested on federal corruption charges. He and his chief of staff John Harris each stand accused of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, and a count of solicitation of bribery. This fool replaced disgraced Illinois Governor George Ryan who is currently in prison! He came into office promising to "end business as usual". Well we can see how that went.

This idiot was trying his best to sell off Barack Obama's vacant U.S. Senate Seat. He was already under investigation and for some reason didn't think the feds were smart enough to tap his phone while he rattled of a string of "fucks" and "shits" while saying shit as stupid as "They're not willing to give me anything except appreciation" in reference to Obama's preference for an as yet unnamed candidate. Or check out this little jewel, "Unless I get something real good for [Senate Candidate 1], shit, I'll just send myself, you know what I'm saying." 

I'm not even gonna start naming names as far as Illinois politics and a long history of corruption. How could this idiot not have seen this coming? Does he not realize Obama's whole platform was about ending this type of corruption? I think any Illinois politician with an ounce of smarts should have been jumping at the opportunity to help bring Dick-face McGee [Blagojevich] down. this was a chance to earn major points on an international stage. I hope somebody was smart enough to benefit from this. I was gonna talk a lot of shit about Jesse Jackson Jr. in this space cause he's been implicated as one of the candidates (Senate Candidate 5) who is discussed in this scandal, but I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt until more facts come out. If he was part of this his career is done too... along with his families legacy when you factor in his father saying he wanted to cut Barack's nuts off (on Fox News no less!!!).

Johnson Shagwell put me on to the picture I used above, all I can say is that pic is worth more than a thousand words. We need to target those Rats on the real. Another point Shagwell made is doesn't Blagojevich just look like a snitch anyway... I wouldn't trust that face to re-lace my shoes. How did he get elected, twice?

I remember my father and my uncle talking shit about politicians when I was younger. I was impressed by my brother cause he had gotten a job working for a Chicago Alderman. I didn't have a real understanding of what the alderman did or why I should be impressed but I figured it was a good thing. My father and my uncle both were completely unimpressed and told my brother that he could work for the guy at his comic shop, but not to even think about doing anything political for the dude. They understood that Illinois and specifically Chicago politics were a pit of quicksand. 

What do EWE think?

Chicago is famously known as the Windy City.
Contrary to popular belief this is not cause it's 
sooooo windy out there (which it is).
Chicago earned that name in reference to the way
early 19th century politicians ran their mouths
spewing one empty promise after another.
- The were a bunch of wind-bags.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Obviously Overdue

So here we are gettin to mid-December and I have not even commented on the news story of the year. Yes we all know who won the election. Obama is on his way to being the president of these United States. I watched the result coverage at a friend's apt in Manhattan. We were both surprised by all the yelling and carrying on that we could hear from the streets and neighboring apartments. I was happy but I just didn't feel the need to be out there cheering and all. I guess I'm a cynic to the bone cause even this historic event couldn't get me as excited as I thought I'd be. I feel like this guy has such a huge challenge ahead of him. I should probably rephrase that into we all have such a huge challenge in front of us. If I didn't pay attention to the rest of the news for the past year and a half I think I would have been able to share in the elation. Our country is in such a hole right now that people who believe he can fix all this by himself are kidding themselves. I think it was much easier for Bush to flush the underwear down the toilet than it's gonna be for Obama to get into the pipes and pull them out. 

These unemployment numbers are ridiculous, along with our budget and these financial bailouts. The whole big 3 issue is still out there and so is the stock market and so on and so forth. I do know that our government and media sell fear so I don't wanna take the whole bait, but there are some serious problems out there.

As far as the impact of having Obama as president... I think it will be a great look for the youth. To be honest I always knew we could/would have a Black president. I did figure he would be younger than me though. the reason I knew it would happen is because of Harold Washington. If a Black man could be the mayor of Chicago way back then, of course we'd eventually have a Black president. I think it's great for this country to have a role model who is so different from the celebrities and athletes we are used to idolizing in this country. It truly was about damn time somebody stepped up into the political arena who doesn't seem like all the rest of em. That being said he is still a politician and I have to be wary until we get a chance to see what he's really all about. Let's hope he can be most of what he promises to be.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

More WAR

So the US is being accused of killing 8 people inside of Syria. The Syrian government wants an apology while the US State Department and the White House refuse to confirm the attack. 

Unnamed US officials claim the attack killed an Iraq Al-Qaeda chief. Syria is an "ally" we have been hearing for years that large amounts of weapons and fighters have been crossing into Iraq from Syria. this is a tricky situation no? 

Obviously we can't expect Syria to be able to STOP the border crossings completely. Look at how good a job our government does trying to keep Mexicans out of here. They surely don't have the impetus to take on such a large mission. Plus such a large outward cooperation with the US would only make them a target too. 

So the US has to decide if they are going to take matters into their own hands or not. Killing Syrians in Syria is gonna do one thing for sure. Make Syrians and other US haters pretty fuckin mad. Killing this one guy is definitely not gonna stop the influx of fighters or weapons. So really what's the point? 

It seems to me that all this does is inflame tensions and put a very temporary and small dent in the Al-Qaeda power. I won't pretend I know how to solve this problem but I surely recognize that cross border raids which result in collateral deaths is NOT the answer. What should be done about this??

And why haven't John-John Phenomenon or Barock the Vote mentioned this at all? (or have they)

What do EWE Think?

Monday, October 6, 2008


I know it's old news by now but have you checked out Sarah Palin? NO not her gams, her brain. She's not the sharpest knife in the box. I will give her some credit for the Vice Presidential debate. She managed not to look like a complete idiot and didn't make it too obvious that she wasn't answering any of the questions. Her folksy stories and outright refusal to pronounce nuclear correctly may be endearing to some people but to a Estacio-six-pack like me she sounds like a dunce. I read an Onion article the other day about how the other half of the country completely disagrees with you. (click on the article title to check that out) That is such a valid point that it motivated me to work out all my absentee ballot shit. I've been chillin with Lambert in Miami but now I'm up in NYC. I figure I should still vote out there since it can "make a difference".

The thing is I believe every vote counts as much as I believed Clay Aiken was straight. I also trust a politician about as far as I can throw an angry cat... It may be pretty far but definitely not out of sight. Obama seems to be "a different kind of candidate" I know people who would never endorse or contribute who have taken a new turn this time around. I have never voted even though I have been eligible since 1998, I guess I just never believed in any of the candidates enough. Or I never hated the opposition enough. (Not that I hate McCain, but the GOP has built enough bad blood to sink any ship they tried to float) If Obama turns out to be just another politician this will be a major blow for the country, the youth would forever loose faith in these windbags. On the upside it could possibly finally make a 3rd party candidate a viable option.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hurricane Season

A Storm Surge in Cuba before hurricane Ike even arrives

Haitians fleeing the port city of Gonaives which has been devastated

My friends know that I love to say I told you so. This time however it's not so sweet. I arrived in Miami just in time for the 2 worst hurricane seasons on record, then it was nice and calm for two years. I knew they were coming back... and how. Lucky for south Florida it has not been hit badly this year yet. The Caribbean has been getting murderized though. Haiti and Cuba have taken quite the hits. With death tolls already in the hundreds in both countries and more storms likely.

Tropical Storms are named after people in alphabetical order alternating between male and female names. Right now Ike is on it's way to Cuba after killing at least 60 people in Haiti. Hanna who just passed through Haiti took at least 500 lives. Cuba and Haiti are more prone to catastrophic damage due to the poor conditions of the construction. Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere and Cuba is full of old decaying buildings... Haiti has been in terrible shape for...ever (it seems like, though it does have a rich history) and Cuba has um... diplomatic issues with the rich country closest to it.
What can be done about this?

What do EWE think?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Where Have We Been?

Okay I'll start slow.
I've been gone 4-ever. 


Just watched Biden speak at the DNC. Biden coulda done better, missed Big Bill.
Point that needs to made. It's bout that time. I liked Biden since the very first debate. I did think John Edwards woulda made a good VP. Luckily Obama didn't pick him months ago like I wanted cause the GOP woulda had his ass for lunch cause of the whole affair and all. Biden was great in the debates. McCain is so out of touch it's scary. I don't hate Romney but I'm sure he'll do his best to please the Republican base and I will have some good shit to talk bout him sooner than later.

I'll be back it's been a wild few months but Lambert gave me a call. It's time to get back on the horse.

As Ron Burgundy said:

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Stick a Fork in that Dike, It's Done

So if you didn't notice, like half of the country is under water right now. It looks like a whole bunch of mini-Katrinas. People who were told they would be safe are left with nothing. 

The Mississippi seems mad and all those on her banks are feeling the wrath. I don't know who's fault this is. I don't know if flooding can be blamed on anything. Should people not live so close to the water? Should the levee's be better? Levee... I know a guy named Levy, and I know that dude drove his Chevy to the Levee but the Levee was gone, besides that I never knew shit about em. Since Katrina I've seen that funny lookin word more than I've seen Dutch's1.

So people are upset because they were told that their homes were at very little to no risk of flooding, but then the floods came. We can't say we're surprised to see levee's fail it's a common theme now. But take a look at what other countries have for levee's. I'm no engineer but I'd like to know why ours can't look more like:

And less like:

I got that top picture from some, he's got a page up showing a bunch of high-tech levee's from around the world. Click on the title of this article to see his collection of levee pictures.

The second is a broken by Katrina levee in New Orleans.


1- Funny I should say that. 
That was the last thing I wrote yesterday before we packed up for the boat. 
Then randomly I spent the afternoon with 3 gorgeous girls from Holland. 
They spoke Dutch.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

BadNEWS with E.V.

Just When you thought the Bulls Coaching Saga couldn't get any worse...

He's never even coached before...
I can't say he's bad but a talent filled team with the #1 pick in the draft should be getting the best coach available not taking a chance on somebody with 0 experience.

I guess I'll have to go for the Celtics next year too.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Grade A Asshole

So the race for Democratic nominee went pretty wild huh? Everybody knows how large a role race and sex did and will continue to play. Question - Where in the hell was the media and women in general when this shit happened?
The signs were smuggled in (obvious folds in the paper) by 2 guys, Adolfo Gonzalez Jr. and Nick Gemelli. "Iron My Shirt" was an anti-women's rights slogan decades ago, and when asked the 21 year old Gemelli's best reasoning for pulling the stunt was "I just don't think a woman should be President". 
 This guy has an Iron My Shirt sign! In the year 2000. Can you imagine the response a "Go Pick some Cotton" sign, or even something like "I Love Watermelon" would get if it were at an Obama rally? Whoever held that sign would be strung up and demonized quick-fast by our (overt) racism intolerant media. They seem to have no issues with sexism though. $ex $ell$
 I know a lot of men (and some women even) don't think a woman "should" be President. First off if you're a woman and you would buy into a statement like that, I'm sorry for you. That self hate you have deep inside is only gonna eat you up. You need to break those mental chains, the only thing making you inferior is yourself. Men who believe that... I feel sorry for your mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters. 
Basically I equate sexism and racism. (I also equate racism with racism, as in Blacks hating all Whites is not "reverse" racism, it's just racism and it's stupid either way) Growing up in an multi-racial family was great. It taught me how to look past skin color, lucky for me I also had some sisters, plenty of cousins, aunts and a mother. It would be a lie to say I don't see gender first, but there is plenty more to a woman. Some women are smarter than others, and some are smarter than plenty men. The idea that one of the qualifications to lead is being a man is pretty fucked. There's not too much a difference in that thought and the thought that being White is a qualification. 
I'm fuckin tired of people like Mitt Romney saying Barack Obama is "well-spoken". Remember when Chris Rock said they would say that? What do you expect from a well educated politician? It pissed me off for people to criticize Hillary's make-up or outfits, and the whole she almost cried thing. Sexism is alive and well, and I'll tell you I would have been just as proud to cast my vote for a qualified woman as I will be for a qualified minority. 
You slack-jawed yokels don't need to agree with her but you need to accept that she almost was, and may in the future be US President. 
So I says Mabel, Mabel I says/
Do you really think they will let you be the Pres?/
Do you really think they'll salute you in a dress?/
They be like "Oh he speaks well I'm really impressed"
-Incog of 3rdeyelanders from `Whats Yo Problem` 2002


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Classic. Like Lakers vs Celtics

The Fuss is all about NBA finals. Lakers vs Celtics for the 11th time the NBA Finals. 11! These two teams have won 30 out of 61 NBA Championships! I mean The Bulls in all their glory only have 6. I'm not mad... I'm impressed.  
So why is this such a big deal? It must be the nostalgia. Everybody loves looking back to the good ole days, -yeah the good old days the good old days well what was really so good about them shits then?   /  Can it be that it was all so simple then? - Sorry
This game has us all thinking about Magic and Bird, Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem, Kevin Mchale, Robert Parish, John Havilcek, Jerry West, James Worthy, Elgin Baylor... Now Garnett, Pierce, Allen, Bryant, Gasol, Odum, Fisher, Walton and Rondo get to be part of that history. 
Phil Jackson gets his own story line. If his Lakers can beat the Celtics he will surpass legendary Celtics coach Red Auerbach as the NBA coach with the most championships. 
The Celtics have 16 championships but it's been a while. Their starting 5 has no Finals experience in all their careers, 52 years all put together. But I don't care. All this season it's been my lifelong dream to see Boston take the crown. Yeah, I've been going for the Celtics since they got Garnett. Except when they faced Chicago of course. Green milkshakes for all!

Name a better rivalry... I'll wait. 

Jerry West is the NBA logo 
look at the bottom right on 
above pic, it's only fitting 
that he was playing against 
the Celtics in that game.

KG was the first in the 
new era of the straight from 
high-school players, paving the way for-
Kobe who has been most successful of the straight 
from high-school players, helping inspire Spike Lee so he could have-
Ray Allen play Jesus Shuttlesworth in He Got Game, 
but he went to college. 
(Shuttlesworth that is)



Well what do you know about that? Barack Obama has clinched the Democratic nomination for the presidency. The presidency of the United States of America. The CNN says he has 2132 delegates to Hillary Clintons 1925, the magic # is 2118, the Fox News says he has 2143 to her 1919. 
The Democratic National Convention is still 3 months away. The way our system works she can still win by swaying the super-delegates. There is historical precedent. 
She has not conceded the victory and has left the door open to fight on. Now she has reportedly said she is "open"  to being Obama's running mate. I think it's a lil bit too late for her to be open to being Vice President. I already said what I had to say about that, I don't think he owes her anything. I left the door open for myself I said "she should be used in a capacity where she will be effective and respected. As long as she figures out how to get out of this race the right way" Well she didn't, she continues to want to fight it out and at this point I think it is bad for their party. 

So now we have him, the first Mixed Man with a real chance at becoming President of the US. This is a huge day for Mulattos all around the world. I know everyone has been saying he's Black for a long time, but he's mixed. To use the rule that one drop of Black blood makes him Black is about as stupid as slavery to me. 
That does not take away from how big this is historically though. If elected he would still be the first non-White President. I wanna be clear about how I don't think people should vote based on race. It's time for big change in this country. That change could come from many places. I actually would prefer the leading primary vote getters to be neither Republican nor Democrat before I die but I digress. 
It's time for change, we can't keep the same party in office for 12 years when things are going the way they are here. I'll hope that most of us realize that the President has power but is not the king. Our two party system is still a contest where the teams are more similar than different, but we still can't have 1 party steady running us up the down escalator. 

I'm going to hope that Barack Obama can be who he has been saying he is going to be. To those of you who don't know if you can trust him... I haven't met him myself. I can't soothe those fears but I don't think it's really that valid a question honestly. When was the last time you really trusted a politician anyway? 

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Friday, May 30, 2008

Savages! Let us teach and enlighten them...

An uncontacted indigenous tribe was photographed in South America on the Brazilian and Peruvian border. The pictures were taken from a plane by the Brazilian government to prove the tribes existence as well as protect them. 
Apparently there approx 100 uncontacted tribes worldwide. I don't know how they can have any kind of accurate count of something they have not seen but... Anyway, more than half of those tribes live in Brazil and Peru. 
Indeigenous tribes are at risk of extinction due to human interaction. Logging is a major problem along with disease. They can die from a common cold cause their bodies can't defend against our diseases. They can however live in the rainforest without dying from Malaria.

So they will remain uncontacted. My question is why? Are we protecting them or just looking at em like a damn ant farm. Some would argue that their souls needs saving. We know they can't make it to heaven unless they hear about Baby Jesus. For the record I would be completely against contacting them. We should make sure we keep clear of their lands and don't destroy their habitat. But I have to wonder if I would want to be contacted if I were them... I mean these people don't know who Mike Jordan, Jackson or Tyson is! Maybe they would like chillaxin1 in the air conditioning, microwaving a hot pocket and playing Rockband on an 42" HDTV. 

Welcome to the Jungle
Look at them pointing arrows at the plane. 
They may have put the red and black war paint 
on after the plane made it's first pass. 

The one painted black is a woman. 
I wonder what they think of the plane. 

They are a pretty good sized tribe. I really like this picture. 
Doesn't it look like this plane is a huge deal to them? They look scared.

1 Chillaxin: chillin and relaxing at the same time

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Monday, May 26, 2008

...Not So Bad

Now a days something like this doesn't really count. 7 people were killed by midwest tornadoes on sunday. 6 people in Iowa and a toddler in Minnesota. But this aint too bad right.

I mean only 7 people, thats nothing compared to China or Burma or New Orleans... Really? Ask somebody who knew one of those 7 victims. Ask the owner of the home in that picture. What is the measure of storm severity? 

The strength of the storm would be pretty accurate, but then if the strongest hurricane in the world spins around the Atlantic, never breaking shore it doesn't matter. 

So then maybe it's the number of people affected, but then a weaker storm hitting in a heavily populated area would be "worse" than a much stronger storm where say "only" 7 people die.

So maybe it should be damage in dollars, but then a place like Miami or L.A. will always have the worst storms cause of how expensive the houses, cars, stores and business lost and all that shit is. A Terrible storm can hit an impoverished nation and "not be so bad" cause those people didn't have much to loose anyway.

Now-a-days I think it's really all about exposure (of course relativity too, but more exposure). If the TV decides that this disaster is good for business than they report on it. Good for business means they have a lot of pictures, somebody famous is involved, the numbers are outrageous, it scares us, and a lot of other shit like that. Good for business does not necessarily mean you need to hear it, or you can do something about it, or unfortunately that it's accurate. 

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Friday, May 23, 2008

MC Ricky D Finally Free

New York Governor David Patterson is granting Slick Rick a FULL AND UNCONDITIONAL PARDON for the attempted murders of two men in 1991.

This will finally halt the deportation efforts trying to send Rick the Ruler to his birthplace the UK.

Rick served more than five years in prison for the 1991 shooting of his cousin and another man who both survived.

More recently he spent more than a year in prison when he was arrested in 2002 on a 1997 warrant. Agents got him as he returned to Miami from a weeklong cruise where he was a featured performer.

The Gov. said in his announcement-
"Mr Walters has fully served the sentence imposed upon him for his convictions, had an exemplary disciplinary record while in prison and on parole, and has been living without incident in the community for more than 10 years." He also said. "I urge immigration officials to once again grant Mr. Walters relief from deportation, so that he is not separated from his many family members who are United States citizens, including his two teenage children."

All I can say is I'm glad Slick Rick is finally free.

Some choice Slick Rick Joints to check for:
Children's Story
Hey Young World
Who Rotten Em
Street Talkin
Trapped in Me
Why, Why, Why

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Edvard Munch's The Scream, stolen by armed robbers in 2004 is back on display. Recovered in 2006, the painting underwent restoration by experts due to damage. It was pulled from it's frame and has a stain from a damp spot in the bottom left corner. The robbers also stole Munch's Madonna it is back on display too. 

The paintings were stolen by two armed men who threatened staff members and then ripped the paintings of the wall. They believe they ripped them out of the frames because they feared tracking devices.
Apparently the painting is now believed to had been painted in 1910- not 1893 like thought previously.

I have always been a fan of this painting, but who isn't? Do you remember when it was on The Simpsons?

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fear + Ignorance =

This is a scene from South Africa where a wave of anti-immigrant violence has broken out. At least 22 people have been killed since Friday. The violence is directed at the 3-5 million foreigners who flocked to the country hoping to escape from poverty and violence in an  apartheid free South Africa. 

Many of the victims are Zimbabweans who are estimated to number up to 3 million there. At least 2 people were burned as we can see above. Large numbers of immigrants have taken to turning themselves in to local police for protection from angry mobs.  
This criminal xenophobia is not a new phenomenon many of these victims were lucky survivors of this same type of thing before. Unfortunately these people have become the scapegoats in the never ending Place-Blame-Game. High unemployment, a housing shortage, and one of the worlds worst crime rates are some of the things "the others" are being blamed for this time.  

Who's interest is it in? What is really gained from this type of desperate violence? At some point regular people decide maybe they'll give the mob thing a chance, and the next thing they know they are cheering while somebody gets murdered. What can be done to fix a situation like this?  

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chester Copperpot

 So by now it's not news to you that you my friends are mortal. One of these days everybody is going to die (unless you are a vampire or some other type of Duncan McCloud of the Clan McCloud immortal) 

What if nobody shows up to your funeral? Do you care, you're dead already... How bout this, what if nobody even knew you died at all?

Hedviga Golik of Zagreb Croatia died some 35 years ago, but was not found until this week. It's hard to write about this cause so many questions come up as I write the "facts". (I'll try  with this color change. The story as reported from will be in red, my thoughts will be in black.) Forensics experts estimate she died in 1973, which is the last time anybody (a neighbor) saw her. They say it looks like natural causes but "it's almost impossible to say for certain". (bullshit, if it was important to them they'd figure it out. They got all types of forensic techniques they use on wrapped mummy's, your gonna tell me they can't figure that out) Some neighbors claim she spoke of going abroad. Residents of her loft building broke into her apartment after deciding that it should belong to them and not to her. But if they knew her didn't they think she would say goodbye or that they would see something happen with the apartment? So 35 years later they say, hey we have not seen her since she mentioned going on vacation, I think I should own her apartment. Startled by the remains in the bed they called the police who say nobody ever reported her missing, and no one has come to claim her body. Her windows were left open (for 35 years! No leaks or building damage?) likely diminishing the smell. It remains unclear who - if anyone- has been paying her bills and who exactly owns the apartment. Apartments were state-owned when Golik died in the 70's.

35 years... How can nobody ever have cared enough to check on the lil old lady. It seems weird that they decided they should own it and broke in. Sounds a bit criminal, shouldn't they have gotten somebody before they went in. How bout if there was a ton of cash in there too and somebody snatched it before the cops got there? Sorry to be such a cynic but the whole thing  comes off weird to me.

It's gonna happen and I can't control how or when but I can make a lasting impression on this world while I'm here. The day that I die will be a sad day for people across the globe and the ages. 

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